What I do

I'm a User Experience Designer, currently freelancing with startups and companies around the world. I have over 10 years experience in User Interface and Web Design. I have a passion for all things design, whether it's art, furniture, architecture, digital, or print. I've been responsible for creating software User Experiences geared toward financial institutions and contact relationship management tools as well as E-commerce and product development. I have hands-on work experience in UI/UX design, rapid prototyping, and front-end development for rich Internet applications and mobile devices. I practice user centered design principles basing design decisions on user needs and business goals.

What you get

1. A Complete Strategy

From beginning to end you will get a full written report on what needs to be done. Everything including consulting, designing, developing, user research, and prototyping. I'll back it every single step of the way. Guaranteed!

2. Design

A great user interface is one that isn't there. As the UX Designer I have the responsibility of creating simple and delightful user experiences utilizing principals of user-centered design to create solutions to elegantly solve key scenarios and fulfill user and business goals.

3. Research

The foundation of UX design and the heart of what I do. I user test websites over and over again and when I'm done I test some more. I make sure to test with a large audience and make sure it's niche to your website or app. Analyzing how users function and predict how they think is my specialty.

Recent Works

RememberThat (2014)

Developed a system enabling people to pin point there favorite locations and organize them into groups. This included a UX contextual research phase and a UX/UI design phase to build a solid service that included profile specific information to store custom data to be shared with friends.

Track The Lead (2013)

A tool for realtors to track, manage, and follow up with their leads. Responsible for data visualization and layout of the entire application as well as the user experience for the product.

Snifflr (iOS app) (2013)

A user friendly way to view allergy count in your area by zip code. The use of this app is to be pre-emptive to plan your week accordingly for your allergy medicine intake. This website was created to show effectiveness of data visualization in flat UI design. Built with modern charts and graphics to engage the user for interactivity.

Lordship House (2013)

Lordship House provides investment management within a limited number of specialized niche markets where they believe the potential for reward outweighs the risk entailed. All of their investment activities operate according to a unifying philosophy.

FUN Song app (2014)

Developed rapid paper/clickable prototypes to evaluate the effectiveness of design solutions against identified scenarios. Also develop pixel perfect HTML5/CSS3 markup and UI controls with Coda, Balsamiq, and Photoshop.

If you like what you see, then give me a shout.

Whether you're big or small, I've worked with them all. Just let me know what you're looking for in an online presence along with the budget and time frame you're working with and I can give you a free quote. Also keep in mind my 100% satisfaction guarantee.