Amazon Video

Client: Amazon
Date: December 16, 2016
Services: UX

01. Our Process

The goal was simple, for our team to be the gold standard at Amazon when it came to segmenting and allocating work.

Process is a huge concern with lots of enterprise level companies. Do we do agile? Do we run lean? Who do we start with? It’s simple really when you look at Amazon’s leadership principles. Start with the user and work backwards from there. Once we know our user then we know what product to build.


Planning and prioritization all starts with the user. Once we have our data we have a sound foundation to making informed design decisions.

Design & Craft

Design charrettes, wireframes, low-high fidelity mockups, stunning visuals, user flows and user personas. Design is everything.

Review & Repeat

Design isn't about creating the prettiest product it's about building the right product. Business and product teams help with reviews cycles.

02. Living room experience

Building a great user experience becomes more complex with every device you throw at it. You have to stop thinking about “cross-platform” and focus on the “acquisition & engagement”. Everything we do is cross platform so why segment it?

03. Info

My biggest takeaway from working with Amazon Video is how important process and structure are. They lay the foundation and tone for the rest of the organization. It can be the difference between an innovative work environment and a deadly one.

Client: Amazon
Date: December 16, 2016
Services: UX
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